Anatomy of the Reptile Brain

As it is the human species -you, me and all the other ones- has been developed from more primitive animals in the past. And the human brain has been developed from more primitive brains as well. May you not believe this and stick to the religious creation poem, don't read this.

Here you see the dimension of the reptile brain as it is situated in the reptile head.

Nature doesn't spill on proven concepts rather than developing new ways. It's more put new software in it than invent new hardware. To control more functions new layers were created above the old ones. The old still controlling the same basic functionality. These new construction are surviving by inherenting and reproducing -for which you may understand mating between masculine and feminine individues. The part of the brain that controlls basic functions like feed, fight and flight and is called the Reptilian or the Reptile Brain. It's all the brain a Reptile (Dinosaurus, Lizard, Corocodil, Snake), an Amphibia (Frogs and Toads), a fish have.

From Reptile to Human you see the left part of the brain overgrowing the old reptile parts being still there -the red colored- but very small in comparison to the huge new building.

As in millions years the species got more functions more brain tissue got build to controll these new functions like be warm blooded (read an own constant body temperature) in stead off have the temperature equals the surrounding temperature which we call `cold blooded'. Actually, social interactions needed lot more `computer' hardware, speech, awareness, calculating even more. And became -in comparison to the original brain- a huge overgrown building above the old parts.)

Bit problem is the new layers are not that good intergrated with the older ones in some points cause misfunctions. It's like plural parliaments rule the ship have discussions sometimes. But all together the brain is awesome controll the 14 billion cells you exist off and that is about twice as people live on this planet. They don't make that must trouble as people do in a much bigger space :-)

Don't underestimate the power of the Reptilian Brain. It overrules the intelligent and rational part of the brain. If we -mankind- were acting directed by the rational brain only, we should not need laws. The rational brain knows what is right or wrong, so don't need laws, judges and prisons. Don't we? No, sometimes decide the Reptile Brain to act otherwise and you ignore a traffic light, speeding, bite a football player, kill the umpire, helps wipe out a competing business company, wars, kill people or a complete population.

But still we do have the animal in us, the old Reptile Brain.

And as the woman have the precious eggs being less numerous as the man spermcells, she has the power, she is the princess. And the man is . . ? In some animals the man will be consumed after fertilize the female. So be warned xD

Want know more?

* `De Tranen van een Krokodil' van Piet Vroon (never published in English)