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I am Ton Sipman. I started as a biologist but it turned out liked more photography and I did so.

My fashion show photography started with the shows of Fong Leng in the seventies who I knew by a friend of me, Berry Brun, the head of Fong Leng Studio.

The Fong Leng shows were nothing like a traditional fashionshow. No catwalks but special designed events integrated with the places they were in. Marvellous events, `toutes' Amsterdam in place like Mathilde Willink, Sylvia Kristel, the Heineken family and lots more.

All these picture are shot on film -negative and positive as well-, the analoque way.

The Fong Leng shows were really fine practice, everything went on very fast, in a big rush, low light conditions although the places were well lit, but nothing comparable to what I experienced in Paris later on.

In my first, the show in Sonesta Church, I used ambient light only. Shot with Nikkor f/1.4-50 mm and a f/1.8-105 mm and long shuttertimes. You can see fabric flutter.

Next show I tried flash in combination with ambient light, long shuttertimes too. Not at all a good idea because you get some fluffy outskirts around the moving models. But that was also the moment I discovered the trick get the model lifted from the background in a kind of softness and not the making the flash light crispy and dull black background pics. Till now I use the same technic in studio photography although a bit more sophisticated.

In the Dikker&Thijs show I tried in some shots soft focus and star filters too (big shame) to get away from the standard but that wasn't a great idea and I didn't use these ever more.